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Find the best quality dry red crisp powder from Gudivada with Ravi Traders! Our items are handpicked and actually tried to guarantee the best quality.

Why Ravi Traders is Best

Manda Ravi the founder of the company and started at 2006 in Gudivada. we will supply our products to our nearby areas like Nuzividu and Mudinepalli and we are selling products in wholesale rates which depends on the Market and products what you are buying.We are exporting Chilly's from Guntur and the making of products like chilly powder, Mustard Powder and Menthi (Fenugreek) Powder will be done in Vijayawada or Gudivada (Its depends on the time or product) and packing will be done in Gudivada different quantities (250 gms,500 gms,5 kgs).

Ravi Traders is a reputable supplier of Gudivada Chilli Powder, offering a wide range of spices and seasonings. Their inventory includes high-quality Indian Chilli Powder sourced from the esteemed Gudivada Spice Market. As a wholesale spice supplier, they provide authentic and flavorful options, including Red Chilli Powder and various spice blends in bulk quantities. With a focus on traditional Indian flavors, Ravi Traders Gudivada is a trusted retailer in the spice industry, offering a diverse selection of cooking ingredients at their well-regarded Gudivada Spice Store.

Pure and natural ingredients

Our dry red chili powder is crafted from pure and natural ingredients, entirely free from preservatives or additives, ensuring that you can savor a delightful dish without any concerns.

Taste of authenticity

Our dry red chili powder is meticulously prepared using time-honored recipes passed down through generations, guaranteeing an authentic taste that enhances the flavor of your dishes to the fullest.

Perfectly balanced flavor

We go the extra mile to ensure that our products achieve the perfect balance of flavor and spiciness, guaranteeing a consistently well-balanced dish every time!

Attractive Features

Authentic spices

We source the highest-grade ingredients, carefully hand-picked from local farms, to deliver a rich and intense flavor experience!

Pure goodness

Indulge in all the goodness without guilt, as our products are free from artificial additives and preservatives!

Quality stands out

We utilize high-quality ingredients that undergo rigorous lab-testing for safety and purity. This ensures that we deliver a standout product you can trust.


We take pride in the trust we've earned from numerous clients who have shared their positive reviews with us.

Unique Blend

Our unique blend of spices is meticulously crafted to unlock an extraordinary flavor profile.

Easy to store

Effortless to use, store, and handle — ensuring that anyone can whip up delectable dishes in a matter of minutes.

Our Awesome Products

Ravi Traders' chili powder is an impeccable fusion of spices that will elevate the taste of your dishes like never before. Its distinctive flavor and aroma guarantee that every meal will be a delightful experience!

Chilly Powder (Pickles)
Chilly Powder
Curry Chilly Powder
Bellary Chilly Powder
Fenugreek Powder
Mustard Powder

Our Clients Say

Ravi Traders Chilly Powder brings you the taste of pure authenticity without any artificial additives. Experience the flavor of real spices in your everyday dishes!

Try for the first time sure you will go with more .

Siranjeevi EPS

Rich in aroma and taste, no burning sensation. I will definitely recommend to all.

Ramya Kamalakannan

Good products and quality . I like this product.


Good products with better price and quality.

Suraj Penugunda

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